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Embracing the New Leadership Paradigm

How to step into your confidence & unleash the leader within!

Webinar/Teleclass by Kris Steinnes

Mondays, beginning September 15, 2014

at 5:30pm Pacific Time for four weeks 

Each class will be recorded so you will not miss anything if you aren’t available at that time. 

  • Do you Seek to be a leader who can influence others in a group, because you know how to value their voices, facilitate open dialogues and co-create solutions?

  • Are you tired of the old way, where people dominate the discussion, and your voice doesn’t matter?

  • Do you want to inspire people to contribute their gifts for the highest good?

  • Have you given up in sharing who you are and what gifts you can contribute?


Then this course is for you!

Special offer by Kris Steinnes 

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  • Whether a leader or a participant you can learn these skills so that you can positively impact a group so people will respect everyone’s voice, and treat everyone as equal partners.
  • Kris Steinnes will introduce you to the concepts of Circle Leadership and how you can build strong connections between people where people will leave excited, instead of drained, after gatherings that you lead or participate in, whether for business, community, family or friends.

We will explore:

Why the hierarchical model is no longer working and why we need a shift in our leadership models
How we can creatively change group dynamics
The elements that create good circle leadership practices
How you will feel empowered and confident when you participate in groups
How to create the collective synergy for the best outcomes to be realized
The energetics of circle leadership where everyone is part of the process
How to recognize the unconscious shadow elements that are present in any group and how we can shed light upon them in a safe container for healing
How to resolve conflict and deal with resistance between people
How you can create circles, how to lead them effectively and empower others to work with you collaboratively
Skills that you need to move forward In your role as a influence maker

 By the end of this course you will:

Have tools you can use at work, in relationships and in community that can change the dynamics of how people interact
Be able to recognize and have the tools to diffuse conflict in group dynamics
Ensure that all participants feel valued for their gifts and strengths, and have their thoughts on issues be heard
Know how to create and lead circles with confidence!
Feel more confident in your ability to lead others and effectively manage group dynamics
Improve your skills as a leader, which can lead to recognition as a leader in your company, and even for promotions and a higher salary

Course Schedule:

This class will be offered online via webinar or phone for four sessions, once a week, Mondays at 5:30pm pacific time:

      • September 15th, 22nd, 29th and October 6th 

      • Can’t make the call? No worries, each class will be recorded so you will not miss anything if you aren’t available at that time.

Special offer by Kris Steinnes 

Regular price $297

Limited time offer…
Only $137


About Kris Steinnes

Kris Steinnes is the influential leader and visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, celebrating its 22nd annual conference in 2014.  Kris created a circle leadership structure in 2003 to direct the business of the non-profit organization she founded, Women of Wisdom Foundation, in 1998.

Many leaders have evolved and developed their skills within and outside the WOW organization using this model with the feminine principles of inclusivity and the importance of including everyone’s gifts and contributions to the process.

Kris loves to facilitate groups in this model and has worked with many people to develop this ongoing process.  She is a graduate of the Legacy Leadership Program®, and has studied Circle Leadership with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, authors of The Circle Way, and has participated in their 2013 Advance Circle Practicum.

In 2013, together with two other WOW leaders, Kris developed a Circle Leadership 9-month Training Program to teach this new model of circle leadership to empower other women to strengthen their leadership skills and bring circle leadership to more people.

This online course brings key together elements of this program and Kris’s in depth knowing of circle leadership from her 22 years of experience, so that more people can learn this circle model of leadership.

In addition, Kris is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling, award winning book: Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women, sharing women’s stories, art and poetry, to inspire others to realize their dreams and discover their spiritual journey.

Since 2010 Kris has hosted the radio show, Voices of Women, on www.transformationtalkradio. She interviews women authors sharing their gifts with her listeners.

Special offer by Kris Steinnes 

Regular price $297

Limited time offer…
Only $137

Praise for Kris Steinnes:

“Kris Steinnes is a teacher and spiritual mentor to me. As a student in her Circle Leadership program through the Women of Wisdom Foundation, I am learning to hone my leadership skills, create energetic spaces for healing in circle and develop my confidence as someone who can lead in the circle leadership style. I am more than overjoyed with the results from this program.

As a result of my relationship with Kris, I am growing as a leader and as a human being. I cannot speak highly enough for the program, Kris’ skills as a teacher and her commitment to bringing out the highest quality and best within her students and colleagues. I am deeply grateful for her knowledge, presence and capabilities. She holds the energy and keeps us going. I have a lot to learn from her experience and I cannot wait to continue my education with her going forward. She is a great teacher, awesome person and divine being. Namaste.”

-Leta Hamilton,   Author, The Way of the Toddler.  For more information, see the website www.letahamilton.com.

“As a student in the Circle Leadership Training I am so impressed with the vast knowledge and skill that Kris has to share.  I am in awe as I watch other women come to their full Leadership potential and I love the confidence this training has given me.  For anyone that is serious about being leader and taking it to the next level I recommend working with Kris.  The Circle Model is inclusive, powerful and has the potential to create the positive ripple effect we so desperately need in this society.”  Thank you Kris! -Claudine Yue

Kris has been an inspiration as a leader for me in the Women’s Circle Leadership group. She has created a safe container for me to grow my leadership skills, express and explore my fears around leading and step out to lead without judgement, while still having fun!!. Vera Garibaldi

“I have known Kris for twenty years and I have worked with her on several projects! I strongly recommend Kris. She is a strong leader and wise organizer. Over the years, I have experienced her incredible capacity to manifest her vision while encouraging and supporting others to do the same. She is intelligent, creative, and compassionate with excellent listening and communication skills.” -Flor Fernandez

“Kris is an amazing leader of an organization, Women of Wisdom, which has transformed thousands of lives. My life has improved both personally and professionally due to my connection with her organization. I am forever grateful for her ingenuity and leadership abilities to promote positive change.” -Karen Mehringer

“Kris is a community leader operating in high integrity and working hard to build and empower community. She has produced the Women of Wisdom event for many years and through her efforts many internationally known, cutting-edge speakers have been coming to Seattle. That work as well as her work as an author has touched thousands of lives in powerful, uplifting ways. She successfully tackles complex problems. She is reliable, innovative and is consistently a pleasure to work with.” – Deverick Martin

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Kris through the Women of Wisdom Foundation. Her commitment to women’s leadership, and the co-creative way she brings talent together to create the annual conferences, is outstanding. And leading a twenty-year institution is quite an accomplishment. As an OD consultant and leadership coach myself, I recognize and respect Kris’ depth of experience and wisdom. Organizations and teams will benefit from her rich contextual experience and intuition. I look forward to opportunities to work with her, in community and organization development initiatives.”  – Gretchen Grampf

“Kris is a true woman of wisdom who has created an incredible community of women who gather for the purpose of growth, support and healing. An inspiring speaker and writer, Kris has been a powerful conduit, connecting people for almost two decades through her annual conferences, and now motivating people through her radio show. She has provided a wealth of resources for so many over the years and her commitment to the community she serves is such an inspiration to me.” -Karna Sundby

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Special offer by Kris Steinnes 

Regular price $297

Limited time offer…
Only $137

Each class will be recorded so you will not miss anything if you aren’t available at that time.

 Mondays, beginning April 7th at 5:30pm Pacific Time for four weeks

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    When I think of Kris, the following words come to mind: Natural leader, visionary, supportive, open to new ideas, dedicated, collaborative, fun, knows how to get things done, and a joy to work with. Anything that Kris does or is involved with is successful.

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