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About Kris Steinnes

Kris Steinnes, CEO, comes with 20 years of experience leading groups in creative processes from develop events to strategic visionary planning. Kris developed a collaborative model of leadership to direct Women of Wisdom Foundation, which has grown and flourished over the years. She has successfully facilitated dialogues for resolving conflicts, and is knowledgeable in identifying and redesigning systems that work. She has the natural gift to see both the larger vision and the detailed steps needed to realize it. Kris generously contributes these unique abilities to help others creatively manifest the path to accomplish their goals.
Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, which celebrated its 20th year in 2012. Kris began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she declared her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading the Feminine Face of God, that mission was revealed to her in a vision to create a conference to bring women spiritual leaders to Seattle, which quickly evolved into a vision of creating community for women.
In 1998 she founded the non-profit organization, Women of Wisdom Foundation, and has followed her passion to empower women to find their voices and share their stories and gifts with each other and the world. Connected with women leaders such as Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and Marion Woodman, Kris brings important messages to women around the world. In 2003 Kris created a circle leadership model to direct Women of Wisdom Foundation, modeling the feminine principles of inclusivity and the importance of everyone’s contribution to the process.
Kris is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling, award winning book: Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women, sharing women’s stories, art and poetry, to inspire others to realize their dreams and discover their spiritual journey. Kris’s mission is to bring the experience of the Divine Feminine to the world and encourage women to find their voices and share their stories. Kris believes it is time for women to be leaders and bring honor and respect to the feminine. Kris has an online course on the Divine Feminine at www.wisewomanuniversity.org.
Kris has developed other avenues for women to be given a voice. Kris is the host of Voices of Women Radio Show, a powerful hour for women to share their gifts and stories, which airs Fridays, 1:00pm Pacific Time at www.transformationtalk.radio. The show is also live on www.WBLQ.net, on the East Coast at 4:00pm Eastern Time.
Additionally she authors a column, A Woman of Wisdom, interviewing inspiring women in the online magazine for women, Aspire Magazine, at www.aspiremag.net.
At the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference, Jean Houston gave a tribute honoring Kris’s work at Women of Wisdom, stating “Kris has impacted thousands of women”, and through the ripple effect, as every women influences each other through their healing journeys, many more woman are making a difference in the world.


About Kris Steinnes

“I have known Kris for twenty years and I have worked with her on several projects! I strongly recommend Kris. She is a strong leader and wise organizer. Over the years, I have experienced her incredible capacity to manifest her vision while encouraging and supporting others to do the same. She is intelligent, creative, and compassionate with excellent listening and communication skills.”

“Her leadership skills, insight, and vision are exemplary. She’d be an asset to any organization.”

“Kris is good at making sure all the details are in place for successful projects. I highly recommend her work.”


“When I think of Kris, the following words come to mind: Natural leader, visionary, creative, manifester, powerful, balanced, supportive of others, open to new ideas, dedicated, loyal, collaborative, fun, beautiful inside and out, knows how to get things done, and a joy to work with.

Anything that Kris does or is involved with is successful. I highly recommend working with her and hope I get the opportunity to collaborate and work with her again in the future.”

“Kris has created a forum that empowers women to help themselves. I am happy to recommend Kris as a luminary in this field!”

“I highly recommend Kris. Her communication skills and responsiveness to detail made my work so much easier. In the 20 years that Women of Wisdom has been functioning Kris has been the leader providing clear direction and guidance. With that kind of background I am sure that any company hiring her will benefit greatly from her expertise.”

“Kris has been an inspiring leader for several decades, as well as a catalyst for women’s growth through her annual Women of Wisdom conferences. I’ve truly enjoyed working with her and watching as her conferences have grown from small local events to large scale conferences attracting big name presenters.”

“Kris is an amazing leader of an organization, Women of Wisdom, which has transformed thousands of lives. My life has improved both personally and professionally due to my connection with her organization. I am forever grateful for her ingenuity and leadership abilities to promote positive change.”

“As a singer/songwriter/recording artist, I have been hired by Kris multiple times over the past 15 years to perform at her annual Women of Wisdom conference. As a producer, I have found Kris to be efficient, organized, timely, and effective. She combines the pragmatism and networking skills of the community organizer with the vision and passion of a high-impact activist and change agent. I highly recommend her to you.”

“Kris is a community leader operating in high integrity and working hard to build and empower community. She has produced the Women of Wisdom event for many years and through her efforts many internationally known, cutting-edge speakers have been coming to Seattle. That work as well as her work as an author has touched thousands of lives in powerful, uplifting ways. She successfully tackles complex problems. She is reliable, innovative and is consistently a pleasure to work with.”

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Kris through the Women of Wisdom Foundation. Her commitment to women’s leadership, and the co-creative way she brings talent together to create the annual conferences, is outstanding. And leading a twenty-year institution is quite an accomplishment.

As an OD consultant and leadership coach myself, I recognize and respect Kris’ depth of experience and wisdom. Organizations and teams will benefit from her rich contextual experience and intuition. I look forward to opportunities to work with her, in community and organization development initiatives.”

“Kris has always been an incredible organizer, marketer and catalyst for change. Her remarkable ability to manage the myriad details of the Women of Wisdom Conference without losing sight of the whole purpose is impressive.”

“I have worked with Kris on many levels and highly recommend her as a consultant and/or facilitator. As founder of Women of Wisdom, she has created an important resource for women to realize their dreams, bring out their passions, voice and leadership. I have taught at some of the conferences and find it to be nurturing and very well organized. She is visionary and can see the big picture as well as has amazing attention to detail. With her expertise in non profit organization and circle leadership, I have seen her lead groups from difficult times to collaboration.”

“I have known Kris Steinnes for almost 10 years. I have seen the level of commitment Kris has put forth to continue to grow the Women of Wisdom Foundation year after year. Kris has the intelligence, experience, leadership and wisdom required. She has an amazing ability to bring together teams of people to host the annual Women of Wisdom conference. Her passion and dedication can be seen in her continuing efforts to make each year better than the previous.”

“Kris is a true woman of wisdom who has created an incredible community of women who gather for the purpose of growth, support and healing. An inspiring speaker and writer, Kris has been a powerful conduit, connecting people for almost two decades through her annual conferences, and now motivating people through her radio show. She has provided a wealth of resources for so many over the years and her commitment to the community she serves is such an inspiration to me.”

“Kris is a highly creative and motivated woman that is dedicated to helping women become the very best they can be. Her work with Women of Wisdom is incredible,. Anything she endeavors to do is sure to be a success.”

“Kris is a committed leader and visionary. Her work of holding a space for women, encouraging a growing community and causing inspiring events has touched the lives of thousands of women.”

  • Author of Women of Wisdom

    Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women
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  • Voices of Women Radio Show Host
    Fridays, 1:00pm Pacific Time
    Listen to inspiring stories by women
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  • Founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation

    Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, empowering women since 1993.

    The 21st Annual Women of Wisdom Conference is Feb. 14 – 18, 2013.

    For conference information and other year round events go to:

  • Meditation/Healing Teacher

    Kris Steinnes is a teacher in the Training in Power™ Academy, which teaches a unique energetic healing system, incorporating a meditation system that engages the ‘active mind’, and healing practice.
    Learn how to safely manifest a life of passion and personal wellness.

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  • Magazine Columnist for Aspire Magazine

    Kris Steinnes authors the column, A Woman of Wisdom for Aspire Magazine, which shares its journey with women from all walks and stages of life. Powerful stories, experiences and joys found in other’s personal journeys are published in each Aspire issue.

    To read interview articles of inspiring women by Kris go to:

  • Wise Woman University Mentor

    Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom
    Become a Powerful Woman
    We will reclaim the feminine and our wise woman unique gifts and learn how we can utilize them to manifest your purpose and contribute to the healing of the planet.